Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sketchbook Sunday - Rain, baseball and slacking

So in every good diet there must always fall a week in which you just don't stick to the plan. This week the muse was just not in... I'd liken it to climbing on the elliptical machine and rationalizing to yourself that you can get off after 10 minutes because you parked so far away from the door. At any rate my sketch nights seemed to be taken up with plans for my new website, some design related projects, and working on a new story idea. Actually all creative, but nothing really exciting to look at on the blog. However I did get these two gems:

Another in the series for my portfolio facelift:We had quite a bit of rain this week and I watched the children and parents hurrying to and fro at school. Little girls, with their colorful rainwear seemed like a good subject. Imagine this with a bright orange umbrella and a pink and green polka-dot slicker.

Do-se-do and stretch to a double
The Fry started up baseball this week. Tuesday was evaluation day. The purpose of evaluation day is to figure what each kids' skill level is and divide them up accordingly so each team has kids who understand that you don't yell "hey he's throwing the ball at me!" and each team has kids who, uh... don't. They sorted the players by age and ran them through a series of drills meant to determine this.

At this point I am really, truly impressed with the coaches at Crieve Hall baseball that they could discern any skill at all. Little boys ran here and there, climbed the fence, played sword fights with the bats and threw dirt at each other. It was really like watching someone teach cats to square dance.

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