Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We'd Rather be Fishing

Check out the Ripple Sketch blog for a great way to help the Gulf clean up efforts. Illustrators from all over the world are donating marine life themed art to raise money for restoration. Here's the piece I posted which sold only a few hours after being posted!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some new-ish sketches on a long day

It has been a freaking long day. After getting the Sprout down for her nap, I'd hoped to have an afternoon of sketching on some projects and maybe, maybe, even getting to work on my new story idea. After all the submission deadline for my regional SCBWI conference is fast approaching and this year I intend to have my dummy critiqued by an editor as well as an art director. So with baby quiet and Morning Edition streaming I looked forward to a few hours of creative combustion. Then the phone started ringing with calls and e-mails about projects that, well, I'm not that excited about but frankly the money's good. So there went my nice afternoon of sketching. So throw in baby Sprout being cranky after her nap and a contractor working on our new deck being ornery and I'm now sitting here sipping white zin, scanning in what sketches I did get done and saying thank goodness its 10pm. At any rate to cheer myself up I thought I'd post some sketches from the new story idea (not the ones I didn't get to today obviously) these were done over the last few weeks. The story is Nothing All Day, about a little boy (played by a mouse with attitude here) who is having, well, kind of a crappy day also.