Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To be filed under: Things I didn't think I'd hear this soon

Today Small Fry casually mentioned that a little girl in his class, Anna, was sick. "oh," I said, "thats too bad. I hope she's better soon."

"Me too" said the Fry, "because she's my girlfriend."

(sound of jaw hitting floor)

Me: "cough cough -oh? really?" (internal monlogue: WHAAAT!!!! How does he even know about such things, he's FIVE!)

I then proceeded to ask some *random* questions about what it's like to have a girlfriend. Apparently they "just decided it" and they "don't do anything but they looove each other"


Well Anna is a very nice little girl. Small Fry had a marathon play date at her house this past weekend and didn't want to leave. When he finally got home I joked to Jim Dear that maybe she was his kindergarten crush. Darn that mom's intuition. Now all of a sudden the extra valentine from little Julia and the Halloween goodies from Annie are taking on a whole new significance.

And I cant forget that the weekend before playing with Anna, he'd been asking to go Eowynn's house. And Ella's.

Oh my goodness. Could my small, sweet, space loving, smart aleck-y little boy be a.... a.... a ladies man?

Stay tuned....

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