Monday, February 28, 2011

Sketchbook Sunday: One way to get what you want

Is it me or has there been a whole lot of protesting going on around here lately? Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Madison. I'm waiting to find out that I'm going to have to take an alternate route to the corner gas station because some group of commuters is squawking about the lack of decent public transportation in the face of $5 gallons of gas (wait a minute, that might actually happen.) Like a few other fabulous folks, I, too, drew similarities between people protesting for better living conditions in Libya and people protesting to keep the better living conditions they already protested to get in Wisconsin. Here is my take on both:

I have just one last question on the public employee debacle in Wisconsin: Any chance you folks need a director of interactive marketing? 'Cause I have a hubby who would love to work in a public job where the benefits are SO FREAKING AWESOME they actually bankrupt the state.

In all the international dialogue about waiting to get what you want, Jim Dear and I got to discussing our own goals in life. Far from being in any danger of being imprisoned for thinking (I mean shouting) that our leader is an oligarch elected yes man, we fall somewhere on the Wisconsin side of the scale. Though maybe it doesn't matter if what you want is clean drinking water, a safe neighborhood, a fair market, a decent job, or a dream project.... the seeds of revolution take root in years of planning that never yield a goal:

Finally to lighten up a little bit, one night I drew this while listening to the doves outside the window. It had been pouring rain but they were ever the optimists - cooing away - hoping to get what they wanted: a little romance on an early Tennessee spring night.

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SadieM said...

I am really digging your sketches and stories! I think the one for this week with the "Goal Delivered Here" hits home for every person; I love it. I think it should become a graduation card or something.

-Sarah M