Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sketchbook Sunday: Post Valentine's Week

This sketchbook week started with Valentine's Day. The Fabulous Illustrator cooked Red Raspberry Banana Dream pancakes for the family, which resulted in Small Fry actually being excited about dinner and a riotous diaper for Baby Sprout the following day. After bedtime, Jim Dear and I relaxed with a glass of wine, exchanged cards and felt relieved that we weren't battling the Valentine's crowds:

While V-day was relatively laid back for us, such was not the case for our children. At some point the holiday based on a 17th century martyr became the spring edition of Halloween for the Sponge Bob set. Both Fry and Sprout came home Monday with bags overflowing with Valentine's loot. Now we have been blessed with Sprout, who will truly eat anything that doesn't eat her first. And she was beside herself with joy at not one but three cream cheese cupcakes. Behold the carnage:

and the aftermath:

All this sugared love came to an end Wednesday night however as the terrible-evil-no-good-horrible mommy declared that there would be baths instead of uninterrupted playtime. Behold the meltdown:

Finally for the rest of this week I've been working on a sketch for my portfolio facelift. As I sketched in a previous Sketchbook Sunday I had an idea for an illustration based on the Little Mermaid. This sketch has changed quite a bit from my original idea but I think the overhead view of the boat is more dramatic, plus we'll actually get to see the mermaid's expression and see the body language of the prince. This is still in a rough version, I'll post again as I fill in details. Next week I also plan to post the sketches I have done for the facelift. Until then. . .

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