Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sketchbook Sunday: Snow-pocolypse

As an introduction, I think this headline says it all:

It was as if God had accidently dropped a thousand gallon Walmart brand garbage bag full of snow, and it broke all over our fair city. My commute home with kids was transformed from 15 minutes into 3 hours. Three hours of creeping along in zero visibility with cars panicking, braking, and sliding off the road in every direction. What could possibly make this trek home more of a pleasure cruise? How about a 5 year old and 2 year old singing Jingle Bells and yelling the chorus of "HEY" at the top of their lungs.

For. Three. Hours.

I almost ran the car off the road on purpose:

Not to be outdone, Jim Dear decided to carry the record for the longest drive home of anyone we know. After leaving work at 4pm he arrived home the following day, at 5 minutes after midnight. Lucky for him, he left his cell phone at work, so he was unable to receive my increasingly frantic calls to friends and finally to the police in an effort to find out where the wrecks were. Finally at 11pm he called from a pay phone to say that he had decided to go to the grocery store because he couldn't get into our neighborhood. He was planning to ditch the truck and just walk. An hour later he stumbled through the door looking like this:

On a less frigid note, one of the reasons Sketchbook Sunday is a little light this week is I have been spending some time working on the story for a new picture book. It's the story of a boy who wants to go build a rocket terribly bad (anyone who knows the Small Fry will wonder where I got my inspiration.) Undeterred by his lack of materials or knowledge he sets off to build his rocket, prove his big sister wrong and keep his little brother out of his hair. I'm experimenting with the idea of having the characters actually be aliens instead of people, I really like the idea of creating a completely fantastic world. However I'm not sure if that would detract from the idea, so I'll be running it by my critique group. But, please Dear Reader, feel free to weight-in. In the meantime here's some character sketches of the little engineer.... at the moment his name is Milo:

Finally some housekeeping stuff: I've noticed I've got a few readers on Facebook.... welcome! and thanks for the comments;) But I've noticed that FB sometimes doesn't translate the formatting, so I'm inviting you to click through and follow the blog for an enhanced experience:

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