Monday, August 20, 2012

The Lost Olympics

Last week to coincide with the closing ceremony of the Olympics, Small Fry's class did an Olympic readathon. He came home from school replete with a gold medal and a shiny drawing of his favorite Olympic sport. This culminated with an extended surfing session through NBC's online video catalog of all the Olympic sports we don't get to see in prime time. We all stayed up way to late. Finally, before shutting off the computer, Fry asked "why don't we see these on the TV? are they lost?"

No sweetie they just don't sell the same commercials that Michael Phelps can.

So this past week, as I sat in the pick up line, I sketched some scenes from the Lost Olympics - the sports we have to cable packages to see.. but are cool nonetheless:

Of course I have to begin with my own favorite - the equestrian sports

Sprout's favorite: archery. We were sure to point out to her that girls could do this just as well as the guys.

Fry's favorite: White water canoeing. He declared he wanted to do this for his birthday because "it looks fun"

Finally Jim Dear's favorite: Fishing apparently is not an olympic sport so Jim dear picked the next closest water thing - sailing.


Julia Kelly said...

Absolutely love the kayak- great POV!

Brooke Widmer said...

I love that you use your hook-up line time so creatively!

Stacy W. Reaves said...

Tell small fry to visit his aunt and uncle in okieland. We have a tandem kayak and canoes!