Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's all how you define it

At first I wasn't going to do a cartoon about the whole Chick-fil-A broo ha ha... I mean there were a LOT of funny scenes that jumped in my mind, but frankly I had to do a bit of eye rolling also because:

1) 59 year old Christian dudes that keep their restaurants closed on Sundays have a right to their opinions.

2) Folks who disagree with him have a right to holler for his business to also close on the remaining six days.

3) All the people who disagree with them have a right show up and cause rush hour like conditions in the drive-thru line.

4) All the people annoyed about the two hour wait for a chicken sandwich have the right to make their own sizzle a few days later thus clearing the drive-thru line of the more squeamish souls.

5) Politicians seeking 15 minutes of fame have the right to blow hard about putting the brakes on more chikin flippin' opinions in their towns.

6) Every one else has the right a) vote them out of office b) vote them into office and/or c) castigate/praise them on national television.

All of this is brought to you courtesy of the free country we live in!

Notice how everyone got to say or do what they wanted in the above scenario? Well, everyone except for the individuals who wanted to register for linens together and wear long white dresses on their wedding day..... and the chicken, of course:

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