Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thanks Deirdra!... and hurricane schmurricane

It's nice to have your work be noticed, even its just for a blog that allows me to spout my own opinions. While we were gone to the Bahamas, Deirda at  A Storybook World awarded Fabulous Illustrator the creative blog award!

Ah... did I mention we went to the Bahamas? On a cruise? into a hurricane? While we saw very little of the Irene, our friends and family didn't know this and when the ship sailed back into waters that ATT recognized I downloaded a slew of alarmed texts saying "r u ok?" and "there's a hurricane!" I assumed they did not mean the drink, I was well aware of those.

I wasn't driving the ship (course i don't think they'd let a footloose mom who had a martini glass surgically attached to her hand drive one of those things) but our trip was mostly beautiful. If you're reading this while sitting in front of a zombie computer screen with no vacation on the horizon enjoy this picture of where I was last week:

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