Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amazing Wonders Aviation

Now that the send button has been pressed on my last deadline I just wanted to post some pieces from my work on Lifeway's 2012 VBS Book series Amazing Wonders Aviation. Normally this would by my post for next week, but as I mentioned in my last post - I'm gonna be laying on a beach next week so Nyahhh! You get two posts this week, my luckies.

These are the covers for the series and were somewhat of a departure from my usual more child-centric work. Amazing Wonders Aviation has a 1940's world flyer theme, with lots of old fashioned pilot gear and bulbous colorful airplanes. Each of the books is set around a different Natural Wonder, in my case the Grand Canyon and the Paricutin Volcano. Art Director Extraordinaire Keith and I came up with the idea of doing them as posters in the style of WPA travel posters. I absolutely love that look and had a great time going through piles of old travel posters getting inspiration. I now want to do an illustrations in that style for other destinations. Guess I'll be adding that to my to-do list that now extends almost to the tip of Chile.


Rebecca Mudd said...

Mary, these are fabulous! I really enjoyed looking at them, and so different from most VBS illustration. Love it!!!

Deirdra Eden-Coppel said...

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