Monday, May 9, 2011

Illustration Friday-Beginner, and Derby Day on Sketchbook Sunday

This weekend was Derby Day, as I'm a horse lover it stands to reason that I follow the Kentucky Derby. Its the most exciting two minutes in sports after all. But because its only two minutes, I love how for two hours prior to the running of the race NBC fills the screen with all the heartwarming and gripping stories behind each contender. Accordingly there is also a herd of video shots showing foals cavorting alongside their mamas, while the voice-over intones about the destiny of one of these little guys: 3 years, and a mile and quarter later a blanket of roses and greatness is waiting for them. So here's my Illustration Friday for Beginner:

Also on the horse lovin' theme I decided to add another Lessons I Learned from My Horse:

Lesson # 2
Always know where home is

A horse will return to the barn in half the time it took to ride away from it. If they "lose" their rider along the way, they'll go home anyway. Horses know what to value in life: food, safe stall, and friends. If a raging thunderstorm or careless owner separates them from home, they don't get distracted by circumstance, but work to find their way back. They know what's important, we should be so good at figuring this out ourselves


Jack Foster said...

Wonderful sketches Mary and great post.

Sarah Melling said...

Really beautiful sketches!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Great gestures and "poses" from the ponies!

Hannah Sommerville said...

Wonderful sketches!

Majoni's Illustrations said...

Love your work!