Monday, May 23, 2011

the Facelift

So over the last few months readers may have noticed I've made cryptic referals to some cosmetic surgery. Fortunately we are not hanging by our fingernails to the edge of endtimes as predicted so I'll go ahead and reveal my big project for the summer: a facelift.

Not for me, silly, for my portfolio.

In October of last year I decided to do seven knockout pieces to show the world. Seven because it replaces the majority of my older work and it's just enough to be do-able. The parameters are thus: each piece has to look good as a mailer, which means fairly close detail. The group has to show a variety of ethnicities and expressions. And, most important, each piece has to have that wow factor. I wanted these to be better than any illustration done previously. That is a seriously tall order.... pushing one's work is hard anyway, but I'm fitting these in around my regular projects and the assorted family obligations. My regular weekly sketches have been a conditioning factor for creating these, and of late, working on them has replaced my nighttime sketchbook ramblings.

At any rate here they are. Two have already been completed and I've stacked them at the top:
The Storm

The Pea

The Super Hero (and the one I'm currently working on)

The Cheshire Cat

The Race Down the Beanstalk

The Tea Party

The Nightmare (and the runt of the litter, this one still needs some work..... it'll be posted again)

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