Thursday, April 23, 2009

Picture Book Reading Challenge!

This week I'm taking on the Picture Book Reading Challenge as originally posted by Kristi Valiant here. The idea is to read as many books as you can, in one sitting, and then divide them into piles of ones that you are not that crazy about, ones that are OK and one that you LOVE. When Kristi originally did the challenge she was surprised to find that out of 60 books, there were only six that she loved. After reading her experience several children's book folk decided to do it as well and blog about our reading lists and the books we loved on April 30th.

if you are a kid lit creator (or even if you're not) and want to join us come on down! There is no specific list of books we are following although at the bottom I've written suggested lists to get you started. I pulled my own pile of books from these lists plus am adding several out of my own library as well as a bunch that just looked interesting as I was combing the library shelves last night.

If you are a creator of children's books then the real gem behind this idea is that it will help you decide which pile your own work belongs in - just as an acquisitions editor would - and then make improvements.

Here's some lists to get you started, see you on the 30th with the results of my Picture Book Reading Challenge!

Start with Fuse#8 countdown of the top 100 Picture Books
Then check these out:
New York Public Library's 100 best list
Amazon Best Books of 2008
A couple of random public library lists that are quite good here and here


Kristi Valiant said...

Yay, I'm excited to do this challenge this week! Thanks for taking the challenge with me.

Kristi Valiant said...

I know Dee from is taking the Picture Book Reading Challenge too. I'm not sure about anyone else. I should have advertised this on the Midsouth listserv and SCBWI's discussion boards and the Blue Boards. Oh well, if we want to do this again next year, we can advertise better. I'll be posting my results shortly. Thanks for taking the challenge!