Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Illustration Friday - Fleeting

I did this sketch tonight. Peace in our house with a three and half year old and a four month old is often fleeting.

Overheard in the last 48 hours around meal times, bath time and bed time, I'll let you decide which ones were said by child or parent:

"mommy, i'm having problems with daddy"

"if you don't sing to me i'll have to run around the house"

"if you want one more book you better spit that out!"

"hitting mommy was the right thing to do because you wouldn't let me throw the bunny at her head"

"that's a laundry basket not a baby trap"

"do not grab the baby by her mouth"


John said...

hahahahahaha this is so right! I have ten kids and I can relate! Thank goodness mine are all but grown now !!! whew what a fun piece

queenbammy said...

hehehe...that cracked me up! I only have a 15 mo. I am thinkin' the best is yet to come!

pete said...

were you at my house? ha!

nice character sketch!

Coreopsis said...

Too funny!

And the sketch is perfect.

One of my crowning moments of glory was when my three-year-old son kicked me in the face when I was trying to put his boots on to walk from the car to the house in the snow (and close to zero temp), and I said, "Forget it," and let him go barefoot, and he screamed for a half-hour afterwards because his feet burned.

You have all of my sympathy!

Sarah said...

Having now worked with 2-year-olds, I hear a lot of things that are so funny in (or out of) context. They usually strike me in the same way "do not grab the baby by her mouth" did.

You all might enjoy a book I heard about on NPR (or the blog the book was based on): "True Mom Confessions." The boot story mentioned in the above comment sounds like it would fit right in.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the truth. The amount of energy from a child is so amazing. I guess that is why they sleep so heavy!

Great Sketch! Perfect!!

Just got through with sketches for a book. . .I am relieved and exhausted.