Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tomorrow's the day!

We leave for the Big Apple tomorrow and the SCBWI conference. I've just spent an hour trying to figure out how to get from the Newark airport into NYC. Before that I spent an hour wandering around Walgreens getting earplugs for Jim Dear and trying to remember if there's anything else I need... and getting distracted by the crazy stuff you can get in a 24 hour pharmacy. I mean, really, who needs a huge MP3 player? I kid you not, Walgreens is selling, for $9.99, an MP3 player that is 14 inches tall! It weights 2 lbs! How do you put that in your gym bag? But I digress.. before i wandered around Walgreens I went to the library to get a book for book club this month, then before that I stood at the kitchen counter and ate a piece of salami..... so the point is I haven't packed yet. Well I do have my portfolio packed so thats all that matters. I can show up in a sports bra and tee shirt and as long as I have rockin' work they'll be impressed right? right? riiiiiaaaagggghhht. I better go pack.

Happily i do have an awesome new illustration to show off. Its the Red Riding hood that I think I mentioned earlier. I've got it ready to post but I want to show its progression from sketch to finished piece. But here's a sneak peek:

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