Monday, January 21, 2008

To do list

Its been a hectic busy 3 weeks since my last post. I"ve had jobs stack up on one another and a child get sick. When you are a working mom, particularly one who works for herself, thats just a recipe for disaster... or at the very least stress and frustration. While driving to his mommies day out last week, the Small Fry got sick all over the back of the car. In a matter of about 25 seconds my whole day changed - Jim Dear was out of town so I couldn't even count on getting to catch up as soon as he got home from work. I called the doctor, called clients to explain what was happening, and reordered the whole day in my mind while cleaning up poor Small Fry, pulled over in a church parking lot in 19 degree weather (not to any other expectant mom reading this: keep a stash of bath towels in your car, very handy).

Fortunately today is a holiday and Jim Dear is back in town and off work so he is playing with Small fry while I catch up. Last night I came out to the studio and made my to-do list for this week. Its 3 weeks til the SCBWI conference and I REALLY want to finish my Red Riding Hood piece. I've got about 10 things on the to-do list so far and the week just started... but i'm working on Red before I do anything else....

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