Wednesday, November 7, 2007

so here goes...

yeah how many other new bloggers have started their blogs with that headline....? Really I guess there's only so many times I can hit reload on Firefox to change around my template before I have to actually start, ahem, blogging. Anyway I was inspired to create this blog because of my involvement with the Picture Bookies Showcase and by reading the blogs of a couple other illustrator ladies I know, check them out here and here. I've been illustrating for about 10 years and at this point have been published just about everywhere but in trade picture books. It remains the illusive gold ring. Luckily I am a member of the SCBWI and in the last couple of months, at two different conferences, I received some great feedback on my work that, were I to push my work in the directions given, could finally manage to land me in the yes pile next to a picture book manuscript on an editor's desk.

So with this blog I hope to chronicle my journey in that direction. Anyone reading this who has also been working for a while and thinking "what do I need to do?" and (probably more emphatically) "when is it going to happen for me?", read on and be inspired. I plan to post new sketches and final art as I go along.

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