Friday, November 16, 2007

I really AM an illustrator!

While we are on the subject of expressions I will post a piece that Laurent Linn liked because of the expressions and tell this little anecdote from earlier today that illustrates how expressions really do tell a story:
I'm a subscriber on the and yesterday received a report advising me on my keywords for each image on the site. The report was done by someone I haven't even met who doesn't know any of the background behind my work. The suggestions of new keywords were simply to focus more finely on what the perceived subject of each piece is. For the piece below the report suggested adding Communication and Romance to my keywords.

Remember the person who did the report had no idea what the piece was "supposed" to be about. They simply looked at it and from what they saw inferred that these two cats must be trying to communicate and that there may be a love connection going on. Here is where I do a happy dance: that's exactly what IS happening in the piece! I really am an illustrator! Without any text or explanation of any kind, a total stranger sitting hundreds of miles away looked at this illustration and figured out what the "story" of the image is by the expressions of the characters.

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