Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nashville Public Library Showcase: From Good Idea to Finished Piece

This month I was included in a group of four other fabulous illustrators displaying our artistic process at the Nashville Public Library's Main Branch. That sounds innocuous right? Well for anyone who's never seen the Main Branch of our library let me set the stage....

Our work is displayed behind glass in the main entrance foyer. This room soars three stories into the air and is lit by tall glittering glass windows surrounding the top. A sea of polished granite stretches from the 15 foot high main entrance doors back to a towering bronze and marble staircase that winds its way up to the 2nd and 3rd levels. Cool, efficient library workers hold court over the dark paneled wood circulation desk. Behind ivory walls wait reams of ideas waiting to be discovered or enjoyed for the hundredth time. Everywhere there is the click and hum of learning, loving, and prizing books.

I have been in love with this building since it opened.

I want to go to story hour every week. I want to have a party in the 2nd floor outdoor courtyard. I want to take my sketchbook and draw for hours in the tremendous quiet of the Grand Reading Room. And, of course, some day I want to have my books on the shelves.

My Ladybug spread is one step in that direction, so it's fitting that that is what I chose to display. While its creation was a solitary endeavor, it was definitely improved by the input of the other artists displayed -  talented illustrators and friends. Here's hoping a dreamy ten year old, like each of us used to be, will see the display and realize that they too can find a life in making books. So Nashville readers, go visit the library and everyone else please stop by their sites for a closer look. Below are some pictures of the setup and finished displays of how we get from a good idea at one o'clock in the morning to a finished piece ready for the client:

Isn't this space spectacular?

First here's my display:
Not in Nashville? Read my process here

Our illustrious leader Susan Eaddy, check our her super cool clay creations at her blog, youtube channel and website:

My long time illustrator friend, Cheryl Mendenhall. Check out her CUTE characters at her agent's site. Plus this photo does not do justice to her display which has all kinds of cool projects and she feng shui'd up her display with her tools including a wacom tablet:

Fellow illustrator/designer crossover Kris Sexton brought two of her clay dino models to include. See her watercolor and Illustrator work at her site:

Finally Doug Jones, the self-proclaimed big brother of the group! He creates really funny cartoons regularly for his blog. Check out his fill portfolio at his site:


Kristi Valiant said...

How cool is that! What a fabulous idea for a library to have on display and even more fabulous for it to be the work of you four. Absolutely love it!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

What a GREAT idea! FABULOUS display!!!