Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Little Robot Nursery Dude and Dog

I did the illustration below for our friend and the kids' babysitter who is known on this blog as Babysitter Becky. I've always changed names to protect the innocent and even though Becky is no longer our sitter I'll keep up the tradition. She's no longer our sitter because next month, she and her husband will welcome their first child! Becky took care of Small Fry and Baby Sprout before they grew teeth, had hair, or could sit up straight. Over the days and years we had many conversations about art, kids, pets, marriage, and life in general. During endless days of baby babble and hush-hush-hushing she was my go-to for grownup conversation. So when I found out their super cool robot nursery theme I knew I had to do a little boy robot! Before Becky and her hubs became parents their children were some rambunctious dogs. While Becky has yet to see if baby and dogs become buddies, in this illustration they are the best of friends.

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