Friday, May 11, 2012

Do these jeans make me look blind?

It's been drowned out by the news of Yemen's underwear and Obama's marriage proposal but last week we were all on our seats hearing news of the daring escape of Chen Guangcheng, the blind lawyer who escaped the barbed wire prison wrapped around his house by the Chinese government and landed on the doorstep of the American Embassy. After the Chinese lied through their teeth about how they would investigate his plight, America sent him to the hospital. From that point the government beat his wife and threatened to kill her, and Chen's seven year old daughter, if they didn't hush up. To this point their fate is unknown. All of this happened with Secretary of State Clinton and Treasury Secretary Geithner mere miles away.

Lovely people we're doin' business with.

So I drew this cartoon in protest. If a blind guy can jump over a wall, risk his life, and try to stop his hateful government from treating people like trash, why can't we stop buying the cheap crap that funds their habit? Think about it when you see Made in China in the mirror:

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Kimpossible said...

Another good political one. Are you sending these to the New Yorker?