Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beach bums

Last week we got some well deserved relaxation at Perdido Key beach over spring break. Some sketches from the trip... I felt the return of a tiny bit of that 5 o'clock feeling just scanning these in:

Fry and Sprout building sand castles
Sprout mesmerized by the waves

Fry scooping up a sandcastle

Sprout loved chasing seagulls. They did not love it back.

Then came the dreaded.... the horrifying..... the Thing Which No Parent Will Speak Of Favorably.


It was.....

It was the nine hour drive home.

Fortunately we survived thanks to cheap electronic bribery... er.. I mean, modern technology:

Sprout zoned out with earbuds watching a DVD

Fry pummeling my iPhone while playing Temple Run

Somewhere around Huntsville, AL, Sprout began moaning that she didn't want to go home, she wanted to go back to vacation. Believe me, Sprout, mommy wants that also..... we told her we were going home to make more money so that we could go back to the beach. That mollified her for a few more exits. Fry announced that Pensacola "was his favorite place ever!" knocking Gatlinburg off a perch it had held for nearly a year. Yes my children, vacation is a wonderful thing, may we all live to be beach bums some day.

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Leen Christens said...

These sketches are looking delightful! Love them!