Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sketchbook Sunday - Yoga, toothpaste, and the moon

This week my illustrators group had the pleasure of having incredible yoga instructor, Taunia Rice, to model for us. She went through a series of 1 minute, 5 minute and 15 minutes poses.... each one more beautiful that the last. Fellow illustrator Susan Eaddy put it perfectly when she said, "It's like trying to capture steps from a dance." Here are a couple of sketches I was proud of. I really hope to draw Taunia again.

I really hate to admit it but I'm really bad about getting my kids to brush their teeth in the morning. By the time I get them downstairs, fed, dressed and ready to walk out the door I can't bear the idea letting them go back upstairs to brush their teeth. The playroom is just steps away from the bathroom and they will certainly get sucked into its whirling vortex of power. Honestly, the importance of getting to school on time with my blood pressure in the normal range has trumped dental health. So I quietly felt guilty about this until last week when I figured out a solution: duh, we have a sink in the kitchen. So now the Fry and Sprout climb up and find a spot amongst the dirty dishes from the night before and brush away. Slightly disgusting, yes... but less disgusting than not brushing at all. And certainly less guilt inspiring for me.

Since Sprout has been in her big girl bed, she is fascinated with the moon at night. It helps that with the new position of the bed in the room, she has an unobstructed view of the sky through the curtains. Every clear night she looks up, sounding surprised every time, and says "oh! the moon! the moon!" Then she stares at it enraptured. It's so dadgum cute I had to draw it.

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