Wednesday, June 29, 2011

illustration Friday- Midsummer Night

I'm once again combining my weekly sketchbook post with Illustration Friday because over the weekend - on a midsummer night - we took the Small Fry to see Cars 2.

Oh the excitement.

The Fry could barely contain himself through the 15 minutes of previews before getting to the main event. What helped was the 50 gallon drum of popcorn we bought him for dinner... uh I mean, to eat during the movie.

It ended up with me holding the popcorn so that he could more easily slurp from his giant lemonade. He buzzed through both in the 120 minutes it took for Tow Mater to become a 007 agent.


Kimpossible said...

LOVE this. Didn't realize it was out yet ... I'll have to get John there ASAP. Can't wait to hang on Thursday!

Di said...

Cute and so true. Great sketch!