Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sketchbook Sunday - Granbery bound

Well that was a fast 5 years.

This week I have only one sketch to share and it's to commemorate an important occasion: we registered the Small Fry for kindergarten. He'll be attending a school of 600 kids, with eight kindergarten classes. This seems just enormous to me though I've been told it's not. All in all he took registration and the tour in stride. When asked about his favorite part of the school he says "the stage", meaning where the parents can some eat lunch with the students in the cafeteria. I think this is mostly because during this part of the tour he was jumping off the stage with another kid while I hissed furtively in front of the PTA president-mom.

When I sketched this, at first I planned to make the school quite large, looming over the Fry. Then I realized that is not a very positive portrayal of Fry's next step. So I changed to this, a bravado packed boy, backpack slung at the side, facing confidently into his future.

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