Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sketchbook Sunday

As promised from my last post here's my sketch book from my draw every day resolution... and some of the thoughts that accompanied these little tidbits:

I couldn't resist doing an illustration of my ordeal with the water heater. In this sketch I have the house phone in one hand, my iPhone in the other and I'm attempting to talk sense into the people on both ends. Notice the water heater gasping for life in the background.

The Stomach Bug: This was part 3 of the Week From Heck

And though it didn't happen in the Week From Heck, my car has started dripping oil.... which is not what cars are supposed to do. This could be overlooked except that we've already plowed a small fortune into this car, fixing it, in the last 3 months. So the night I did this sketch, Jim Dear and I had been at the kitchen table discussing cars and our budget..... made more bearable with a glass of red.

Every night before bed I tell the Small Fry to CLEAN UP HIS LEGOS!. And every night before bed the Small Fry tells mommy "I just have to fix this ooonnnneee space ship... just one!" Cleverly he doesn't mention that this one space ship is a scale replica of the space station NASA will be launching in 2103, so "fixing it" definitely takes longer than mommy is comfortable with. Here it is finally flxed and flying to bed.

Both kid's were on my mind this night.... especially the Sprout whose hair is finally growing below her ears.

One of the things I discovered nightly sketching is good for is trying out picture ideas I feel I never have time for during the work day. I would love to do a really cool illo of the moon..... but for some reason I never feel like my moons look as cool on paper as I want them to! Takes practice I guess.... so expect several moon sketches over the year.

Finally last night I did this sketch. I've been reading the new Robin McKinley book, Pegasus. So while trying to think of what to sketch I decided to try to illustrate the pegasus people from her book.... it morphed into an image of a little girl in footie pajamas riding the pegasus.... that's not in the book, but this might make a pretty cool image someday.

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