Monday, November 23, 2009

The finals for my dummy

The white 9 x 12 envelope was neatly laid out on my drawing table. Already inside was the painstakingly brief and witty cover letter and dreaded SASE. Finally, last Wednesday, I slipped inside the copies of my three finished illustrations, sealed it up, mentally muttered a small prayer and threw it in the passenger seat for the drive to the post office. After a whole month of work devoted to doing my best possible work ever for these images, I was amazed at how long the last hour of preparing them to mail took.

Of course I checked to make sure everything was inside about 216 times before I actually sealed it up.

So here they are, the three images, in consecutive order as they appear in Zoo in the Tub. It's the story of a boy who doesn't really want to take a bath. Joined by his basset hound, he lets his imagination get away with him and is visited by an ever growing gang of animals. But is it really his imagination that's doing all the splashing? (so please make the splash sounds as loud as you possibly can)

What does it sound like when four flamingos flop in the tub?

flip-a-ti-plash plip-a-ti-FLOSH!
plip-a-tiFLISH flip-a-TA-PLOOSH!

What does it sound like when five bison barge into the tub?

. . . . . . . . . .
If you want to see what happens next then make your own splash in the comments


MaureenHume said...

One puppy, two toucans, three crocodiles/alligators, four flamingos and five bison? How am I doing?
Your illustrations are gorgeous and I'm certain your book will do well!

Doug said...

Excellent work, Mary!

Roberta Baird said...

Fantastic work!

Anonymous said...

What delightful fanciful furry --- and otherwise - - creatures! Children should love this one. You are GOOD.

Deanne said...

I love all of these images - that crocodile underwater in the second pic is killing me! Great work. Mary, I will order 2 of these books. Seriously.

JS Daniel said...

Just awesome!!